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I did not want to have to do this again as it's been quite enjoyable NOT being all locked up, but I think it's high time I did this. Maybe in the future if 6A eases up I'll remove the lock, but for now this journal is Friends Only. Please let me know if there was a post I SHOULD keep public. For now, the only things I can think of off the top of my head are the Alternate Blog Directory and What the Fandom Recommends. If there was something else, please leave a comment here and I'll unlock it.

If you comment, I'll friend you back unless you're underage, appear to be a troll, or a look at your userinfo screams to me that we would not get along. Bigotry, Ron hate, shipping wars, and general asshattery is not welcome in this journal. Open minds are more than welcome.

Thanks for understanding!
♥ Tarie
Title: Too Tired to Shout
Author: Tarie
Fandom: The Newsroom
Pairing: Will/Mackenzie
Rating PG-13
Disclaimer: I am not Aaron Sorkin or affiliated with HBO.
Summary: He’s too tired to shout, too tired to work up a scathing look to shoot at Mac from the news desk, too tired to figure out exactly where he had gone wrong today.


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Dear Yuletide Author:

Hi! Thank you for being awesome and writing me a gift fic! I have to run out and run errands for a bit, but I will come back and edit this post to talk about my requests and other hopefully helpful information.

I am easy to please. Seriously. I know that if you skim my writings (and sorry if you are not a Harry Potter fan; I was majorly into fandom for 10 years and miss it madly. Most of my stories are HP-based.), you will see lots of stories that involve smut. Please do not feel obligated to write that if you are not inclined! I like gen just as much as I like a plotty, smutty fic. (If you do like smut and want to write it for me, go for it! Just please make it somewhat plotty. I enjoy all sorts of pairings, straight or otherwise.)

I enjoy humor, sarcasm, girls kicking ass, bantering, adventure stories, supernatural stuff, time-traveling stuff, lore, mythology, geekery, kickass debates (Think The West Wing, and other assorted things. If you have seen anything by Joss Whedon, you will know my sense of humor. ;) This is not an all-encompassing list; check out my lj profile if you are curious for more.

The Wire
Omar Little Jimmy McNulty Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins
Omar, McNulty, Bubbles, and Bunk are my four favorite Wire characters. I don't care what you do with them, just give me that sweet, sweet canon-like and Baw'more vibe and I'll be a happy girl.

These guys don't have to all play a major part in the fic. Heck, if you instead want to write a Prezbo teacher story and throw in a few hilarious Omar or Bubbles cameos, do it. I <3 this show and will be over the moon about anything you choose to write. (Uh, except for Ziggy. Unless his dumb ass is getting busted and/or his just rewards for idiocy.)

I do not mind if you choose to do a gen or shippy fic. I like McNulty/Beatie but I also enjoy McNulty when he's a trainwreck. I love Omar. I love D'Angelo. I love Bubbles. I love Bunk. I can't think of a pairing from this show I would not like that involves these characters. So, basically, pick any of them for the heart of the fic. There aren't any really characters I dislike, but the ones mentioned before are favorites. (I like Kima, but I don't need to see a Kima-centric fic, etc.)

I can do an AU with this fandom(I do like supernatural stuff. Supernatural is my favorite show!) or a crossover, as long as it is explained, makes sense, and the focus is on Wire characters.

Jay Burchell Will Traveler Tyler Fog
The series left me hanging. Can you fill in the blanks, and some good old fashioned UST (or RST, your call) and make me a happy girl? Have books, will travel!

Jay is my favorite character. I definitely think there was major UST between all three of the boys. Any combination would be awesome, but the fic doesn't have to be shippy if you don't want. You could explore their friendships pre-incident or Will's origins, etc.

Not interested in a crossover for this fandom. The series was left hanging, so there isn't a lot of canon and I'm selfish -- I want some backstory or blanks filled in without outside characters. :)

Divergent Series - Veronica Roth
Tris Prior Four (Divergent)
Anything you feel like -- gen, shippy, whatever. I will just be thrilled to read what you come up with!

Fic doesn't have to be shippy at all. I am flexible -- feel free to focus on Tris, or do a Four story, or even some AU with Al still alive. There are no characters I dislike or wouldn't want to read about. Might be interesting to do something with Four's initiation class, but don't feel obligated to do so. I will not mind if the characters are shipped together, with others from the series, or original characters.

Your inquiry about Divergent-verse being the future of the X-men world is definitely something I'd be interested in reading!

Roswell (TV)
Isabel Evans Michael Guerin Maria DeLuca
I'm up for anything. The characters listed are my very favorite, but feel free to write about whichever characters strike your fancy. Just keep Liz to a minimum. She irritates me. :)

Favorite pairings: Isabel/Alex, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Michael. I REALLY dislike Liz, so please keep her drama in the background. I like Max, and I always enjoy seeing his friendship with Michael.

Not really feeling an X-Men or non-alien AU, unless it somehow involved a sudden loss of the pod squad's powers and them dealing with that/trying to figure out what's up.



I greatly enjoy crossovers, as long as they make sense to me in terms of the characters, world, and situation. Taking a quick look at my icons or usernifo page will give you an idea of other fandoms I like.

Some listed here: Doctor Who (Nine and Ten), Torchwood, Harry Potter, Supernatural, X-Files, Criminal Minds, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries (books, not tv show), Rome, My Name is Earl, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Breaking Bad, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, etc.

Hope this helps!

Feel free to browse any of the following links,which house my writing: ofscarletwoman, Archive of Our Own, The Archive, AdultFanFiction, Skyhawke...

I am super-excited that you'll be writing for me; thank you so much!



Friends Cut

I've just gone through and deleted people who have not updated their journals in a year or more. If I've deleted you by mistake or you're lurking but not updating and I've deleted you, please let me know and I'll add you back again!


Snaps Cup Meme

Rather than get into the suckiness that has been my life for the past several days, I have decided that we're going to celebrate the awesomeness of our friends. Thus:

The Snaps Cup Meme!

How to Play:

1. Make a top-level comment with your name and/or the names of people you think are fantabulous.
2. Drop a link to your comment(s) and/or this post in your own journal/blog/twitter/etc so people know where to find you.
3. Cruise back by yourself and leave anon (or not) ♥ for others.
4. Enjoy!

To link to the meme, c/p the following:


Movie Combo Game

My brother just sent me the most amazing links ever, and thus we are now going to play a game, FLIST!

The Movie Combo Game.

1. I describe a film plot based on two movies.*
2. You tell me the combined title.

1. Plot: suburban family gets mad at a hairy mountain-beast for satirizing them in his roman-a-clef.
Title: ?

2. Plot:A normal-looking girl and her family travel in a van to a clinic where more conventionally pretty girls get their memories erased.
Title: ?

3. Plot: A man begins to find himself the subject of narration that only he can hear as his life intertwines with many others in their tales of violence and redemption
Title: ?

4. Plot: A crazy German scientist prepares for the end of the world, along with eight other plots about British people that barely intertwine and don’t satisfy. Also, airports.
Title: ?

5. Plot: A women suffering from amnesia begins to recover her memories after trouble from her past finds her again while she flies to France and gets in with an infuriatingly charming crook.

6. Plot: A farmyard chicken yearns for freedom and plans a daring 'prisoner of war' style escape but only has twenty minutes to find and bring 100,000 Deutschemarks to her boyfriend before he robs a grocery store.
Title: ?

So reblog or comment with an answer to any of the above, but ONLY if you write your own too.

*First four were taken from Too Much Nick -- check out the blog for some other awesome movie combo prompts.

Feel free to guess each other's prompts!

Spam Email Subject Drabble/Drawble-athon

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Select any of the lolarious prompts below. (Yes, you can claim more than one -- each prompt can be claimed up to THREE TIMES.) Comment and tell me what number(s)s you want.
  • Go and write/draw your drabble/drawble(s).
  • Come back here and link me to your drabble/drawble(s).
  • Next Sunday, I will put up a master list!

Any fandom(s), pairing(s)/character(s), RPF, crossover, crack, whatever is welcome!

Under the cut, you'll find gems such as: Their heads are green, and their hands are blue, salmonberry, and more! ETA: I changed no spelling, punctuation, or grammar in the spam email titles. XD

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Vampire Diaries extended Trailer + comm


CW just released a five minute teaser trailer for the upcoming The Vampire Diaries:


Also, as I put my old fannish hat on, I created fellschurch, a community for all things fannish and newsy related to the book and tv series.


Gah, I just know I'm going to end up writing more TVD FF. Which is not a bad thing, considering I only have a few teeny fics.

Prompts: Spam Email Subject Drabbleathon

Okay, so I need something fun and mindless to keep me from dwelling in misery.

As inspired by my earlier tweet of this ridiculous subject I saw in my SPAM gmail folder (Horny Peach Eating Aroused Coaack Attack), I have decided to host a Spam Email Subject Drabbleathon.

First, what I need from you all are a couple of gems from your SPAM folders! By midweek, I'll toss up a new claiming post where you can claim some of the prompts to go and drabble for whatever fandom you choose!

Questions? Ask them here. In the meantime, gimme your crazy SPAM email subjects!

Mar. 24th, 2009

The Time Capsule Appreciation and Love Meme
Directions: Come by anytime through Wednesday to leave a top-level comment with a friend's name. From Wednesday through Sunday morning, return to leave screened comments shock full of appreciation and ♥s for your friends. On Sunday afternoon, all comments will be unscreened so you can enjoy what your friends said about you!

Going to bed early, so I've already started to SCREEN comments. However, if you still want to get in some top-level comments for friends tonight, I'll unscreen those in the morning before I head to work so they can get some appreciation and ♥s, too.


Time Capsule Appreciation and Love Meme

I've had a fairly horrible week and I know I'm not alone in that.

Thus, I am presenting:

The Time Capsule Appreciation and Love Meme
Directions: Come by anytime through Wednesday to leave a top-level comment with a friend's name. From Wednesday through Sunday morning, return to leave screened comments shock full of appreciation and ♥s for your friends. On Sunday afternoon, all comments will be unscreened so you can enjoy what your friends said about you!

So, I've decided to do something that just might provide a little pick-me-up to a friend or two in the coming weeks!

This Meme will have two parts.

*Reply with the name of a friend in the subject line of your comment. Also leave their name in the body of your comment.

*Pimp the meme out.

*Wait until Wednesday, March 25 and then come back for PART TWO.


On Wednesday, March 25 I will screen all comments. When I edit this post to say that I am now screening comments, you can come back and reply to all top-level comments of your friends and leave them love!

I will UNSCREEN the comments on Sunday, March 29 -- and people can then 'pick up' their comments to get a lovely pick-me-up next weekend!

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Pimping again

The Story Begins...March 1

The Premise:

Somewhere, there is a deserted, alternate version of the city of Atlantis. This city might be in another universe somewhere, or it could be be a simulation in a massive computer in a distant world. But whatever it is, characters from the Stargate universe, and from other fictional universes, appear in the city without warning. They become the flotsam and jetsom of disparate universes, washed up in the city of Atlantis with no real way to return to their own world, and they must build a new city with what they have available to them.

More info under the cutCollapse )

Do I have to know Stargate canon? Nope. If your pup is from another universe, they won't know the canon, so you don't have to either. And there will be enough Stargate pups around to show you what you need to know.

Taken Characters | Application

RPG: New Panfandom RPG Coming Soon!

The Story Begins...March 1

The Premise:

Somewhere, there is a deserted, alternate version of the city of Atlantis. This city might be in another universe somewhere, or it could be be a simulation in a massive computer in a distant world. But whatever it is, characters from the Stargate universe, and from other fictional universes, appear in the city without warning. They become the flotsam and jetsom of disparate universes, washed up in the city of Atlantis with no real way to return to their own world, and they must build a new city with what they have available to them.

Leaving the city: There is no dialing the "real" Earth, no Midway station, no Daedalus. The gate simply won't connect to the Earth gate. Gate travel does not function the way it does in the real Atlantis. The stargate will only take the characters to alternate versions of fictional worlds... any fictional world. Maybe Narnia or the Disc, Westeros or Tattooine. And even then, you never know where you'll end up or if the gate will even connect. Your pups can go out in the puddlejumpers (if your pup has or is with someone who has the ATA gene) but the world of the alternate Atlantis is uninhabited... as far as we know...

The bad guys: From time to time, the big bads from various fictional universes will find their way to Atlantis, whether by accident or by design. One day the inhabitants could find themselves at war with the Cybermen from Doctor Who, and two months later be under attack from the Reavers of Firefly or the Spectres of His Dark Materials. With the threats ever-changing and never predictable, the inhabitants will have to be resourceful and put their different backgrounds aside to find a way to work together to protect their growing city. (As a side note, pups retain any special powers or abilities they have in canon, except anything that can take them out of this alternate universe. So if the Doctor showed up in the TARDIS, for example, it could only go where the stargates can go, and the same for Serenity or the Enterprise.)

The amenities: Atlantis has all the basic necessities--medical supplies and equipment, food, clothing, technology--supplemented by whatever the pups can scavenge and bring back from various worlds they visit. There are computer labs where the geek pups can try to figure out what's going on, an infirmary to keep the doctor pups busy, and plenty of random enemies to keep the superhero and warrior-type pups occupied.

Do I have to know Stargate canon? Nope. If your pup is from another universe, they won't know the canon, so you don't have to either. And there will be enough Stargate pups around to show you what you need to know.

Taken Characters | Application


*taps mic*

Why hello, fandom. I'm not dead yet. I've only been mostly dead for a year or two. Honestly, it's not been you. It's been me.

At any rate, when F bids me to do something, I darn well DO IT (as who can refuse F, srsly?).

Thus, I present:

The Multi-Fandom Filmed Media Title Ficlet/Drawble Challenge

How to play:

1. Comment with VHS or DVD and a number between 1 and 10 AND a multiple. [Example: DVD, 3, multiplier of 14] Keep the numbers, you know, not crazy. I have a ton of vhs tapes and dvds, but I'm not a Netflix store room, k? Probably a multiplier of 25 or less would be good....

2. I will reply with your shiny movie or tv show title.

3. Stare at your prompt in wonder or horror, whichever compels you.

4. Write or draw a response to your prompt, using it in some way within the context of your work, and post it to your journal, website, Senate doors, whatever.

5. Return here and reply to my original comment to you with the link to your ficlet/drawble. [Give me title, fandom, pairing/character, rating, summary as well.]

You have until Feb 12 to get your links in. On Feb 13, unless something major comes up, I'll put up the master list for this challenge.

Feel free to pimp!

It Can Be Snap Cup Time Nao?

I think there are plenty of us that can use a pick-me-up right about now, so maybe it's a good time for something like this?

How to Play:

1) Reply with your LJ name OR toss in the name of a friend or two!
2) Go to your own lj and drop the link to your comment so your friends can leave you (or your friends) warm and fuzzy comments
3) Come back to this post, find people you know/ know of, and leave them anonymous love (or not, if you're so inclined)
4) Play nice!

Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off. I won't delete anything unless it's spam or mean. :P

Pass the link around!
When I checked my flist this morning, I discovered that a good portion of my flisters are absolutely chuffed that JK Rowling has revealed some more facts and backstory about beloved Harry Potter characters that she didn't include in the books while at a Carnegie Hall book reading. In case you missed it, which I doubt, Jo revealed that she "always thought of Dumbledore as gay." While the admission that Dumbledore, arguably the most powerful wizard to have ever existed, is homosexual will undoubtedly impress, either positively or negatively, fandom and the collective public, I find the revelation to be cowardly for a few reasons.

Ultimately, canon is the existing plot, setting, conflict, and characters in the pages of the Harry Potter books. While I realise that some portions of fandom are film based, that is certainly a minority. Thus, when I refer to "canon" I am indicating the seven-book series, plus the two accompanying texts (Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). As canon consists of what is on the written page, anything Jo Rowling says on her website, in interviews, in lectures, or to the curry vendor across the street simply cannot irrefutably be canon. Yes, sometimes the things she reveals about character backstory is interesting and helps the reader to see where she might have gone with a particular character or subplot had she time or worked out how to include it in the text. However, that is just it -- the revelations are interesting, and nothing more. They cannot possibly be canon because these facts do not exist within the context of the pages. As writers and essayists, Jo's facts and tidbits from these out-of-canon places can help us to enrich the world we know about -- if we choose to do so. Incorporating what Jo says outside of book canon is personal choice. Thus, if we do not care for what Jo has decided about who Neville marries or what tattoo Dean Thomas has or whether or not Draco owes Harry a life debt, we don't have to include it in our view of our beloved characters, our fic, or our meta. Therefore, by revealing Dumbledore is gay in a book reading, Jo is giving the public a choice as to whether or not they now want to go back and find homosexual subtext in Dumbledore's words and actions within the confines of canon. This is actually insulting to homosexuality because she is giving people the power to ignore it rather than to not only recognize its presence but recognize its presence in a powerful and respected figure in the world of her books. So, in choosing to not include this revelation in canon, by either an anvil-sized clue or a wee thumbtack-sized one, but rather by way of offhanded comments at a book reading, Jo Rowling shows particular cowardice whereas homosexuality and her fiction is concerned.

Waiting until the series has been completed to announce that Dumbledore is gay also smacks of cowardice. Although the first three books in the series were considerably lighter in size and (some would argue) fair, the latter four were certainly more geared toward her aging readership in both length and maturity of subject matter. While it is understandable that Rowling would both not have opportunity in the plots or wish to include blatant homosexual undertones in regards to Dumbledore in the earlier, 'less mature' books, it is unbelievable that she did not approach the subject in the latter four given myriad opportunities she painted for herself. From Goblet of Fire onward, the books not only increased in length but also in the seriousness and darkness of the subject matter. As Harry and his friends approached adulthood, the severity of his situation became more and more apparent. However, along the way to Voldemort's defeat, Rowling took the time to craft romantic relationships with the teens and stress the importance of love, compassion, and loss with the adults (Arthur and Molly, Lucius and Narcissa, Remus and Tonks, among others). Yet she clearly shied away from doing so with Dumbledore. Why? It is not as though she did not have many open windows in which to include at least one single mention. When one considers Deathly Hallows, they will recall how a good portion of the book dealt with Harry's learning about Dumbledore's personal life, focusing very much on Dumbledore's youth. As we all know that youth serves to shape us into the individuals we become in adulthood, it is surprising she did not think to leave a single comment that would validate her 'Dumbledore is gay' statement when exploring Dumbledore's younger years. There was much opportunity to do this -- from Dodge's article and his dealings to conversations with Aberforth to Rita's article and more, a single comment revealing his sexuality could have easily been slipped in. Yet Jo chose not to seize any of those moments and instead turned the other cheek as far as Dumbledore's supposed homosexuality is concerned. She obviously had no qualms alluding to heterosexual activity in the last few books, most notably Deathly Hallows. ("Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches...You'd be surprised, it's not all about wandwork, either," anyone?) For the past few years, Rowling has enjoyed being the world's most powerful author. No longer wanting for money or book deals, why then could she not include mention of Dumbledore's homosexuality? Even if the inclusion might be considered risky because of specific Christian groups and/or homophobes, Rowling truly had nothing to risk because she is secure as an author and financially as well. Noting that Dumbledore was homosexual would not have really altered the series or anything else so extreme. It wouldn't have detracted from Harry's journey one bit. Why, then, was it not included? If she had always thought Dumbledore was gay and Dumbledore obviously plays an important part of the story, why was this never addressed? I call cowardice.

For reasons that baffle, Rowling appears to have a great need to be validated, to be lauded with laurels and applause. She needs approval. It is one thing to interact with fans and to provide them with a website and interviews, but it is an entirely different matter to continually drop bombs about the backstories and fates of characters she didn't ever include in canon. While some may argue that she is just giving her fans a glimpse at her Harry Potter world as a whole, there are others who will argue that she is being an attention whore and a drama llama. I am inclined to go with the latter most of the time. In this instance, I am certainly going with the latter. When Jo announced that she had always seen Dumbledore as gay, the crowd at Carnegie Hall gave her an ovation. Clearly pleased, Rowling then said, "If I had known this would have made you this happy, I would have told you years ago." This statement strongly implies that she did not include mention of Dumbledore's homosexuality because she believed people would react badly to it. Thus, I stand firm in my belief that the "Dumbledore is gay" revelation is a rather timorous one.

ETA: I realize some of you think I'm being harsh in calling it cowardice, and that's fine! I can see both sides of the coin, honestly. There are lots of interesting POVs in the comments from folks, so take a look!

ETA 2: For an engaging counterpoint, check out marginaliana's post here.

Public: Fandom Oldbie Wills

So, bzzinglikeneon and I were talking, and somehow the subject of one particular aspect of our senior high year books came up. Both Anita and I had sections in our yearbooks entitled 'Senior Wills', in which the graduating seniors imparted some sort of knowledge or left something silly to specific underclassmen.

For example, in my HS yearbook I willed "my Phantom stuff to Jules and Tea and my fallopian tubes to Andy." Yeah, don't ask about the last thing.


We were wondering. Fandom Oldbies (with the stipulation that you must have at least three years in fandom to qualify as an 'oldbie'), what do you want to will? And to whom? You can will to specific folks or a generalized group. Nothing wanky plz.!

Have at it!

I, ______, will ___________________ to __________.

Alternate Blog Directory

Okay, so. Who the hell knows what LJ is up to at the moment. Or how many folks are seriously considering leaving.

Thus, I think we need a place where folks can look to see where their friends/fave meta-ists/fave graphics makers/ fave writers/ fave artists/fave *insert term here* have flitted off to...just in case.

So reply here with your alternate blogs. Put your lj name/fandom name in the subject of your comment as well as your primary fandom(s). In the comment, give us links so we can find you on JF, GJ, Vox, IJ, etc!

Pass the link around or it won't work. :o

You can comment here for your communities, too.

What the Fandom Recommends

Updated: 7 October 2005

A few months I asked the fandom to give me 5 recs of this and that. The following list is a result of all those recommendations. If you would like to add to this Fandom Rec list -and I encourage you ALL to do that!!!! - (as that is what I'm intending this to be - a What The Fandom Recommends list), please either respond to the above link or reply to this post. I'll edit your contributions in as my time allows. Once I've edited in your recs, I'll be screening your comment so that I know that I've edited it in. It just makes it easier for me to keep track of what I have and have not edited into the post. ;)

Please note that this was an ASSLOAD of coding and there are bound to be mistakes at some point, so if you see a mistake feel free to tell me what (and where!) it is. Also, if you gave me a link and it didn't work, it didn't make the cut as I do not have time to track down fics and authors. I've included ratings when people gave them to me. Additionally, if you didn't give me a link at all, it didn't make the cut. I don't have the time or patience to troll Teh Intarnets for every single fic out there. ;) Please be aware that if a link does not have a rating following it, the link may direct you to Adult Content. I am not responsible for any content found in any of the links here. Click at your own discretion. If you want to add, like I said, go to the above link or reply here. Please give ratings if you can, and LABEL what your OTP/OT3/Fave character is. I am not a mind-reader and I don't know all of you, so give me labels and I'll be happy! If there aren't labels, I'm not including it as I don't know what your fave characters or OTPs/OT3s are. :D

If you've given me links before, thank you so much! And feel free to give me more, as a tonne of FF has been written since I originally posted this! And to those of you who recced me, thank you! :)) I feel a bit shirty about including myself on this list, but since certain of you were so lovely to rec me, I included it. So: ♥!

And now, without further ado, I present the What the Fandom Recommends list!


fandom rec listCollapse )


Updated: 13 August 2005